Expert Commentary: Iran Policy

Iran's Shifting Politics

Mehdi Noorbaksh

Twelve years after Iran began negotiations with Europe on its nuclear program, and two years after the United States became directly involved in this process, an agreement has been reached, the Joint Comprehensive ...

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What the Region is Talking About

Al-Aqsa Mosque Violence Threatens the Status Quo

Middle East Policy Council

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound — or the Temple Mount, as it is otherwise known — threaten to disrupt the tenuous peace that followed last ...

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July 16, 2015

Iran and the Arab World:
Implications of the Nuclear Negotiations


Middle East Policy Experts

Statement on Nuclear Agreement with Iran

The Middle East Policy Council applauds the P5+1 and Secretary of State John Kerry's persistence in crafting an agreement with Iran that restricts Iran’s nuclear program in serious and far-reaching ways. This agreement, if strictly and verifiably implemented, should lead to improved security in the region by denying Iran the ability to develop a nuclear weapons capability that could embolden Iranian foreign policy makers to be even more aggressive in the region. We hope that Iran will faithfully observe this agreement and that this outcome will also encourage Iran to open a new page of peaceful and sincere cooperation with both the West and its neighbors in the Gulf. As a priority, the Council supports the continued commitment of the Obama administration to the security of America’s allies and partners in the region.