Board of Directors


Hon. Ford M. Fraker

Former Ambassador, Saudi Arabia



Dr. Omar Kader

Chairman and CEO, Paltech



The Hon. William A. Rugh

Former President, AMIDEAST; Former Ambassador, U.A.E.


Mrs. Karen AbuZayd

Member, Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria; Former Under Secretary-General, United Nations.


Mr. Curtis Brand

Chairman (ret.), ExxonMobil, Saudi Arabia, Inc.


Hon. Mark Hambley

International Managing Director, Apollo Security; Former Ambassador, Lebanon.


Gen. Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (ret.)

Former Commander in Chief, U.S. Central Command.


Hon. Richard H. Jones

Former Ambassador, Kuwait, Israel


Mr. Brian Katulis

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress.


Dr. Martha Neff Kessler

Consultant, CIA (ret.).


Col. W. Patrick Lang, USA (ret.)

Former Defense Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia.


Dr. Philip Mattar

President, Rittenhouse Investments.


Mr. Paul Oliver

Vice President of Middle East and Africa, Boeing.


Dr. Fuad A. Rihani

Consultant, Research and Development, Saudi Binladin Group.


Hon. Richard J. Schmierer

Former Ambassador, Oman.


Hon. Patrick Theros

President, US-Qatari Business Council; Former Ambassador, Qatar.

Ex Officio

Ms. Anne Joyce

(Secretary of the Corporation)


Dr. Thomas Mattair

(Executive Director of the Corporation)


President Emeritus

Hon. Chas W. Freeman, Jr.

Chairman, Projects International; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense; Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Former President, MEPC.